What is an Irish Wolfhound?

 The Irish Wolfhound is the largest and tallest of the galloping breeds and is a dog of great size and commanding appearance. Very muscular and strong, yet as a rough-coated Greyhound-like breed, should be gracefully built. Dogs should combine both power and swiftness with keen sight. They are devoted members of the family and fiercely loyal.

 The Irish Wolfhound is the tallest dog with a minimum size at maturity, in dogs, of 32" at the shoulder and 120 lbs, and in bitches 30" and 105 lbs; with dogs usually ranging between 32" to 34". The head should be long with little indentation between the eyes and carried high on a fairly long, strong and muscular, well arched neck. The neck should hold no loose skin or dewlap and the lips while not required to be tight, are not loose as in other giant breeds. Pigmentation of eyes, nose and mouth should be dark and his eye should soften his expression. Ears should be small and Greyhound-like in carriage.

 Dogs should have great depth of chest and the shoulders should be muscular, giving breadth to the chest and set sloping. His legs should be strong and quite straight with elbows turned neither inwards nor outwards. The back should be rather long and in proportion to his body with a well arched loin. His hind legs should be muscular, his second thighs long and strong, and the hocks well let down, turning neither in nor out as he is essentially a running hound and must be equipped to do so. The tail is long and slightly curved and should be well covered with hair. His feet should be large and round, turned neither inwards nor outwards and his movement should be easy and active.

 Colours may be grey, brindle, red, black, pure white, fawn or any colour that appears in the Deerhound. Their coats are coarse and double, with the hair especially long over the brow and under the chin. Bathing, regular brushing, and occasionally stripping out the dead hair generally covers his grooming needs.