Special Point Score Rules


The aims of the I.W.C of NSW Special Point Score are:

a) to encourage exhibition of Irish Wolfhounds, and

b) to reward that dog or bitch which attracts most attention to the Breed by virtue of its wins in Group or in Show.

Only financial members of the I.W.C of NSW are eligible to compete for the Special Point Score awards.  Points will be awarded for all In Group or In Show awards achieved at an unrestricted All Breed or Group level Show in Australia for the twelve months from January to December inclusive.  Presentation of awards gained from the year’s competition shall be made at the Easter Show in the following year.

The number of points allocated to major wins at each show are;

One Point for each dog entered for Group or Show.  (eg: “Best Puppy in Group” gains one point for each dog entered in Puppy Classes in the Group.  “Best Puppy in Show” gains one point for each dog entered in Puppy Classes in the Show).  If the hound wins a Class in Show and beats another dog that was the Best in Group or Runner Up Best in Group winner of “their group” then that hound also gains the amount of points for that dog’s Group (less one for RUBIG).

Commencing 1/1/2015 points will be included where Group 1, 2, 3 & 4 are awarded, points earned  will be credited for position 3 & 4 except where they come from the same class as 1 and 2.  This is in addition to the existing rules

Best Up & Coming of the Year (Awarded to the dog or bitch who has obtained the highest number of points from the puppy Classes to 18 months of age – up to the date of birth of the dog).

Written claims will only be accepted within 30 days of the show together with a signed (by show secretary or ring steward) catalogue for that particular show.   The rules regarding this competition will be strictly adhered to as detailed above.   The win/s & hound’s name should be clearly marked on the front cover of the catalogue with signatures from the show Secretary or ring steward.  Please note: If claiming points for “other group wins” then the Group/s must be clearly marked on the front of the catalogue with the show secretary’s signature.

If, at the end of the year, two or more dogs have equal number of points, the dog, which has scored under the greater or greatest number of judges, shall be declared the winner.

To claim for points (ie; signed catalogues) please contact the Point Score Officer