IWCNSW contacts

2022/23 IWCNSW Committee.

President: Stephen Gendle
Ph. (02) 4572 8570
[email protected]


Secretary: Vicki Johnson
Ph: (02) 6337 9607
[email protected]   



Michelle Patison                    

 [email protected]

Vice Presidents - Soile Gendle                   [email protected]

                            Kathy Palmer                  [email protected]


Show Secretary - Soile Gendle                   [email protected]


Show Managers - Rhys Williams and Robert Lazzar


Trophy Officer – Robert Lazzar                  [email protected]


Point Score Officer & Special Point Score– Kathy Palmer [email protected]


Archives – Robert Lazzar and Michelle Patison


Editor – Mat Paras


Web Master – Bear Paintain          [email protected]


Social Media Coordinator - Lauren Brooker       [email protected]


Events Officer – Libby Sheehan                       [email protected]


Puppy Referral Officer – Louise Osborne         [email protected]


Rescue Officer – Libby Sheehan and Kathy Palmer



Committee – Louise Osborne

                   Lauren Brooker                      

                     Margaret Lazzar

                     Rhys Williams

                    Carol Maciver                      

                    Robert Lazzar  

          Mat Paras     

          Aaron Brooker


Public Officer – Stephen Gendle


Auditor – Vanya Neus


Patrons John Sharpe and Doug Wylie 


Catering Coordinator – Lauren Brooker & Susan Winsborrow


Constitution for Affiliates and Memorandum of Association are available via